Monday, June 15, 2015

National Maker Faire 2015

Last weekend I was at the first annual National Maker Faire held at the University of the District of Columbia. It was a relatively large Maker Faire with a lot of interesting projects on display. In addition to individual makers, there were a number of organizations presenting their involvement in STEM education and creation of makerspaces. A number of hackerspaces and makerspaces were attending as well as universities and commercial companies.

Here are some projects I captured on camera:

Mini underwater glider that uses a large syringe as a buoyancy engine.

Underwater glider at the National Maker Faire.

Submersible made from PVC pipes and simple hobby motors, waterproofed using small plastic canisters and wax.

Submersible from PVC pipe and hobby motors.

OpenROV underwater exploration robot (

NIST presented a lego "Watt Balance", a weight measurement instrument built as part of educational outreach (

NIST Watt Balance at the National Maker Faire.

Louisville Hackerspace had a several-feet-long model rocket on display (

Another group had drawing bots.

There was a continuous 3D printing setup that uses a plastic film as a conveyor belt. The system uses air suction to keep the film stationary during printing (

A Benjamin Franklin sculpture assembled from pieces 3D-printed by different individuals (

NIH 3D Print Exhange, a biomedical 3D model repository (

Samsung ARTIK, a new IoT platform (

A pick-an-place machine for assembly of surface mount electronic components.

An automated in-house plant growing system (

And there were Legos,

and an R2D2.

Here's a link to the official event page listing all makers.